Perfectly Precious Puppies
All of our parents are AKC and CKC and all of our puppies
are registered.  We strive not for quantity but to improve the
quality of the breed.  Some of our pups are imported from
England and China. They are raised with lots of TLC and  are
well socialized and have been loved by our three girls. Our
girls love, play, and cuddle with each and every one of our
pups.  They are very friendly and playful.  They get along well
with our other pets.  However each one has their own unique
personality.   Our pups will make a great addition to your
home and family.  
Most of our dogs have champion but are sold as pets. Each of
our pups come with a puppy pack and immunization record.  
We do not breed pups to make a living.  We both work full
time and raise pups because we love animals and want to be
able to instill the love of pets in our girls.  We also want to be
able to offer quality and healthy pups.  We had a shih tzu for
17 years and a lab for 14.  They were both special members of
the family and we hope that one of our pups will be able to
bring you the love and devotion that our pets have brought us.
Let us help you pick out a loving pup who will bring you
endless hours and many years of love and companionship.
We are located in South Carolina.  Please feel free to contact
us if you are interested in any of our puppies or if you have any
questions.  We would love to hear from you.

We are now unable to accept personal
checks.  Cash only please.

Mark Lockliear