Benelli is a  very light cream lab who has a nice blocky head
and blocky body. This amazing girl has an unbeatable disposition
with outstanding hunting drive.
Some of the champions in
her background include:
CH Castlewood's Just Do It, CH
Grandquest white English lab with a Caesar's Palace GW, CH
Sylvanmeadow's Blackrock Bravo, CH Hunt Club Sho N Tail Risky
Business, CH Sylvan Meadows Sassy Cassie, CH Castlewood
Catch Me If U Can, CH Boradors Sugar Foot, CH Borador's
Carondelet Risk, CH Trini T's Cozbi Coz O'Legacy, Clarion's Bad
As I Wanna Be CD MH, CH Borodors By George, CH Franklin's
Golden Mandigo CD are just a few.  Both Doubleplay's Wanna Be
Ivy League and Mandigo Doubleplay's Doublestuff have won the
Breeder of Merit award.
Candy Girl Beach Mountain
Candy Girl Beach Mountain
Benelli's DoublePlay Legacy Reign
Lab Females